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Cabildo Quarterly #12 out now!

Cabildo Quarterly #12, summer 2018 is available now! With new writing from Kaylee Duff, Timothy Berrigan, Kelli Stevens Kane, William Repass, Kurt Morris, Paula Coomer, Daryl Gussin,  Margaret Emma Brandl and Howie Good. Click here or get at us for hard copies.

Cabildo Quarterly #7 out now!


Cabildo Quarterly #7, dead of winter 2015. Featuring work by Hedy Habra, Joe Mayers, Sara Emily Kuntz, Constance Renfrow, Angele Ellis and Anne Witty.

Print copies available free in/around greater Belchertown MA/Pittsburgh PA and at readings. Additional copies are available for a buck per or five bux for a stack— hit me at cabildoquarterly at the gmail for the address — or digitally on .pdfcast and/or issuu.

Number eight out in May.

Cabildo Quarterly #6 available now!


Just in time for tomorrow’s reading is Cabildo Quarterly issue #6, early spring 2014. With new poetry by Bruce Pratt, David Lawton, Karen Lye-Neilsen, Kathleen Ellis and Leonore Hildebrandt, and new fiction by Jeffrey Schroeck.

Available for free in and around Belchertown and Pittsburgh, and/or from Issuu and .pdfcast.

Cabildo Quarterly #5 out now!


The fifth print issue of Cabildo Quarterly — featuring new poetry and fiction from Kathleen Ellis, Katie Lattari, Bruce Pratt, Mike DeCapite and Analise Jakimides — is available now for free in and around greater Belchertown MA and Pittsburgh PA.

It’s also available online through .pdfcast and issuu. Dig it!

Cabildo Quarterly online: "What is Happening?" by Jacob Fricke


What is Happening?
on seeing the work of Daniel Anselmi

It is a picture of your life.
It is in this room.
It is not the heart of the wind in sweetest May;
It is not the old light of merry Vienna;
You are not the hero.

It is lace, manufactured in Boston.
Their account book had pages like that.
Moss paint from the bridge you see Thursday afternoons.

Cabildo Quarterly online: Kathleen Ellis: "34 Reasons For Surveillance"


Our foes are in our midst and all about us.
—Henry David Thoreau

Someone was found dead after someone in a turban stepped out of an alley.

Someone knew someone recited the Qu’ran in her basement at night.

Someone knew someone borrowed sugar from a Muslim.

Someone told someone to mind her own…

Cabildo Quarterly online: Review: "Nurses Who Love English" by Paula Marie Coomer



Nurses Who Love English by Paula Marie Coomer

Paula Marie Coomer is a nurse and writer who uses poems as balm. Her latest collection of poetry Nurses Who Love English gives a diverse coalescence of lyric story and song: a soundtrack to a personal history that traces American landscapes of…