12/14/19: Dead Trend’s first show in five years @ Great Scott, Allston MA. With the Conmen and the Ergs! 10 pm.


6/23/2019. Brooklyn NY. Quimby’s. With Mike Faloon & Brandon Lopez, Jasmine Dreame Wagner. 7 pm.

4/18/2019. Durham NH. Memorial Union Building, UNH. “Lessons In Leadership,” MUB Theater 1. 5 pm.

7/27/2018. Columbus OH. Two Dollar Radio HQ. With Mike Faloon and Rachel Tolliver.

7/26/2018. Louisville KY. Surface Noise Records. With Mike Faloon and droneroom.

7/25/2018. Chicago IL. Uncharted Books. With Mike Faloon and Liz Mason.

7/23/2018. Oak Parl MI. The Book Beat. With Mike Faloon and KIm Hunter.

7/21/2018. Cleveland OH. Mac's Backs. With Mike Faloon, Ben Stein and Wred Fright.

7/19/2018. Pittsburgh PA. Nine Stories. With Mike Faloon, Karen Lillis and Jude Vachon.

10/22/2017. Ithaca NY. Buffalo Street Books. With Mike Faloon, Jeff Schroeck. 3 pm.

10/21/2017.Geneva NY. Lake Drum Brewing. With Mike Faloon, Jeff Schroeck, Kevin Dunn. 8 pm.

10/20/2017. Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY. Co-op 87 Records. With Mike Faloon, Jeff Schroeck, Tobias Carroll, Cassie J. Sneider. 7 pm. 

9/16/2017.  Holden MA. Earl and Bridget's. W/ Ned Greene, Rules, Crooked Horse. 2 pm.

7/26/2017. Orono ME. Gideon Mayo House. W/Lilly Mitchell, Todd Dills, Susannah Felts, Katie Lattari. 7:30 pm.

6/11/17. Detroit MI. Source Booksellers. w/Esperanza Cintron, Carolyn Walker, Martika Moore. 4 pm. Invite here.

6/8/17. Louisville KY. Surface Noise Records. With Droneroom and Kirby Gann. Invite here.

6/7/2017. Nashville TN. @ Todd's, with Luke Wiget and Nick Rossi. Invite here.

10/20/2016. Easthampton MA. White Square Books. With Carolyn Zaikowski and Christy Crutchfield. 7 pm.

5/14/2016. Holyoke, MA. Holyoke Community College, Donahue 368. With Mike Faloon. 7 pm.

5/13/2016. Ridgewood, Queens. Topos. With Jes Skolnik, Brendan Kiernan, Mike Faloon. 6:30 pm.

4/8/2016. Amherst MA. University of Massachusetts "Documenting Punk" Conference. 
With Michael Stewart Foley, Lydia Lunch, Ramdasha Bikceem, Byron Coley, Lisa Darms, Deward MacLeod, Sara Marcus and Tanya Pearson. Campus Center, Room 163. 1-6 pm.

4/2/2016. Los Angeles CA. Vermin On The Mount. W/Alice Bag, Keith Morris, Michelle Gonzales. @Pehrspace. 8:30 pm.

1/8/2016. Austin TX. Malvern Books. W/ James Reich and Constance Squires. 7 pm.

7/13/2015. Ithaca NY. Buffalo Street Books. With Mike Faloon, Participation Trophy and No Good Doll. 7 pm.

7/12/2015. Chicago IL. Uncharted Books. With Mike Faloon and Rev. Norb. 2 pm matinee.

7/10/2015. Columbus, OH. Used Kids Records. w/ Mike Faloon, Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars. 7 pm.

7/8/2015. Cleveland OH. Mac’s Backs. With Mike Faloon and Ben Stein. 7 pm.

7/7/2015. Pittsburgh PA. Big Idea Bookstore. With Mike Faloon. 7 pm.

7/6/2015: Beacon NY. Quinn’s. With Mike Faloon. 7 pm.

6/2/2015. Buffalo NY. Talking Leaves. W/ Ben Stein and Cheryl Quimba 7 pm

5/30/2015. Pittsburgh PA. East End Book Exchange. W/Ben Stein, Jennifer Bannan and Ben Gwin. 7 pm.

5/28/2015. Cleveland Heights, OH. Wine Spot. W/ Ben Stein. 7 pm.

5/24/2015. Nashville TN. Porch Writers’ Collective event w/ Robin Leah Lear and Luke Wiget. @ Dino’s. Early one: 5 pm.

5/23/2015. Concord NC. @ Cousin Heather’s. 7 PM. 

5/21/2015. Myrtle Beach SC. Emma’s. 7 pm. .

5/18/2015. Durham NC. Regulator Bookstore. w/Ken Taylor. 7 pm.

5/16/2015. Baltimore MD. Red Emma’s. w/ Colin Seven and Eric De Jesus. 7:30 pm.

5/14/2015. Trenton NJ. Millhill Basement. 9 pm. w/Jeff Schroeck and Joe Evans III.

5/12/2015. Jersey City NJ. Word Bookstore. 7 pm. w/Caryn Rose.

5/11/2015. Cambridge, MA. State Park. w/ Duane Gorey and Lina B. Tullgren. 9:30 PM. 

5/7/2015: NYC. Prose Pros. @ Sidewalk Cafe. w/ Yuko Otomo. 94 Avenue A. 6:30- 7:45.

4/10/2015: Minneapolis MN. Rain Taxi presents a literary tribute to Grant Hart. @Patrick’s Cabaret. With John Beer, James Brubaker, Paula Cisewski, Maria Damon, Matthew Derby, Tim Horvath, Constance Squires, Justin Taylor, Joel Turpinseed. 9 pm. 

3/20/2015.San Pedro CA. Cornelius Projects. With Kristine McKenna and the Mourners. 7 pm.

3/18/2015. San Francisco CA. Adobe Books. 7 PM. w/Bucky Sinister and Frank Portman.

3/14/2015. Las Vegas NV. Blackbird Studios. 8 PM. With Coastwest Unrest and Dreaming of Lions.

2/6/2015. Arlington MA. Arlington Centered. With Sarah Gerard. 6 pm.

2/3/2015. Portsmouth, NH. RiverRun Bookstore. With Sarah Gerard and Tim Horvath. 7 pm.

11/1/2014. Dead Trend in Palmer MA. Diamond Lanes Junctions. Rich’s birthday.

10/23/2014. Concord NH. Gibson’s Bookstore. 7 pm.

10/20/2014. New York City. Le Poisson Rouge. With Ron Dakron and Richard Katrovas. 7 pm.

10/11/2014. Jersey City NJ. Iris Records. 114 Brunswick St. With Larry Livermore, Joe Evans III, Mike Faloon. Early one: 4-6 pm.

10/10/2014. Brooklyn NY. Book Thug Nation. With Larry Livermore, Mike Faloon, , Joe Evans III. 7 pm.

7/10/2014. Brunswick ME. Gulf of Maine Books. With Lisa Panepinto, Kat Georges, Peter Carlaftes.

3/8/2014. Easthampton MA. Flywheel. With Larry Livermore, Mike Faloon, Lisa Panepinto, Brooks Pridemore, Joe Evans III

7/2/2013. Bangor ME. Main Street Music Studios. With Bruce Pratt, Duncan Wilder Johnson, Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds.

7/1/2013. Portland ME. Word @ LFK. With Duncan Wilder Johnson, Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds.

6/30/2013. Portsmouth NH. RiverRun Bookstore. With Duncan Wilder Johnson, Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds.

6/29/2013: Cambridge MA. Papercut Zine Library. With Duncan Wilder Johnson, Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds.

6/28/2013: Flywheel, Easthampton MA. With David Lawton, Duncan Wilder Johnson, Mike Faloon & Steve Reynolds, Bugs Bunny.

5/5/2013: Dead Trend Mathew’s, Portland ME. With The Outfits, Coastwest Unrest, and Old Night.

5/4/2013: Dead Trend in  New Bedford MA. Pour Farm Brew Pub. With Coastwest Unrest.

5/3/2013: Dead Trend in Worcester, MA. Hotel Vernon, With Coastwest Unrest, !?emember and Pillowman.

11/30/2012 Dead Trend in Portland ME: Mayo Arts Center. With the Rattlesnakes, Brick Mower and Alex Keaton. 7:30 PM. $5.

11/10/2012. Chicago, IL: Quimby’s. With Katie Lattari. 8 pm. 

11/9/2012. South Bend, IN: Katie’s. With Katie Lattari, Beth Towle, Evan Bryson, Kaushik ViswanathDrew Kalbach…. 

10/31/2012. Dead Trend in Boston, MA: Rockpalast. With DJ Rory Stark. 9 PM.

8/18/2012. Dead Trend in Somerville MA. Radio, With Remember, Mr. Farenheit and the Beachcombovers. 9 pm.

8/12/2012. Dead Trend in Portland ME. Mathews,  With Alligator and Cuss. Early show: 6 pm.

6/6/2012. Nashville TN. Portland Brew. With Todd Dills and Quincy Rhoads. 6 pm.

6/4/2012. Atlanta GA. Wonder Root. 6 PM

5/29/2012. Durham NC: Regulator Books. 7 pm

5/27/2012. Richmond VA: Chop Suey Books. Early show — 3 pm.

5/25/2012. Baltimore MD. Atomic Books. With Laura Barcella and Maria Raha.

5/22/2012. Philadelphia PA. Megan’s house. Brunch matinee! 12:30 pm; evening reading 6 pm.

5/20/2012. New Brunswick, NJ. Rehab House. With Black Wine and Mike Faloon.  7:30 PM.

5/19/2012. Harrisburg PA. Midtown Scholar. With Mike Faloon. Early reading: 2 pm. 

5/18/2012. Brooklyn NY. Book Thug Nation. With Mike Faloon and Mike DeCapite and Tobias Carroll. 7 pm.

5/2/2012. Dead Trend in New York City. Le Poissin Rouge. With Mike Watt/J. Mascis/Murph and Appomattox.

4/29/2012. Dead Trend in Belchertown MA. Black Moon Cafe. With DJ Rich Ladew, Swamp Bear, Bring The Knife and the Rattlesnakes.

4/28/2012. Dead Trend in Allston MA. O’Brien’s. With The Stoves, Bring The Knife and The Rattlesnakes. 8 pm.

4/27/2012: Dead Trend in Portland ME. Geno’s. With Rattlesnakes and Bring the Knife. 8 pm.

4/7/2012: Easthampton, MA. Flywheel. W/Sam McPheeters.

3/15/2012: San Francisco CA. Satellite 66 Gallery. 7:30 pm.

3/14/2012: San Francisco CA. Sub-Mission Gallery. 7:00 pm.

3/13/2012: Santa Monica CA. Track 16 Gallery. 7:30 pm.

3/12/2012: Los Angeles, CA. Stories. 7:30 PM.

3/9/2012: Las Vegas, with Coastwest UnrestBlackbird Studios. 7 pm.

2/10/2012: “Hidden Wheel” release party at Cordelia Street Cafe, NYC. Hosted by Kat Georges, with Lisa Panepinto. 

10/22/2011: Flywheel Arts Collective, Easthampton MA. With Dead Trend, Great Western Plain and Taiwan Typhoon.

10/21/2011: Hotel Vernon, Worcester MA. Read from “Hidden Wheel.” With Dead Trend, Remember, Great Western Plain, Dangerous Criminal Mastermind and Pillowman.

10/15/2011: Dead Trend @ Occupy Portland, Portland ME. With Woodburning Cat and others.

8/12/2011: Dead Trend @ 31 Hillside, Orono ME. With Greasetrap.

8/7/2011: Dead Trend @ DPC 100, Orono ME.

8/5/2011: Dead Trend @ Mike and Tim’s, Orono ME. Two sets. 

6/25/2011: Sports Literature Conference, Orono ME. Read from “Zachariah Tietz.”

5/17/2011: Bowery Poetry Club, New York NY. “You Gotta Have Hart!” Read from “Hidden Wheel.”

4/29/2011: UMass Graduate Symposium, Amherst MA. Read from “Hidden Wheel.”

4/18/2010: O’Brien’s, Allston MA. “Spoken Word Hangover II” with Duncan Wilder Johnson and Tim McIntyre. Read from “Hidden Wheel.”

4/29/2010. New Writing Series, Orono ME. Grady Awards. Photos here.

3/23/2010: New Writing Series, Orono ME. w/ Rebecca S. Griffin. Read from “Hidden Wheel.” Photos here.

11/8/2009: SPACE Gallery, Portland ME. w/ Zeth Lundy and HUAK. Read from “Double Nickels.”

11/7/2009: UMaine, w/Zeth Lundy. Read from “Double Nickels.”

7/25/2009: Bowery Poetry Club, New York NY. 25th Annviersary of “Double Nickels On The Dime” w/ Mike Watt, Richard Hell, Pillowman, Kat Georges, etc.

6/16/2009: Telephone interview with Tyler from The Big Takeover Radio, Washington DC.

2/14/2009: Quimby’s, Chicago IL. Read from “Double Nickels.”

1/4 /2009: Barbes, Brooklyn NY. Read from “Double Nickels.”

8/14/2008. River Gods, Cambridge MA. Co-DJ’ed Stereolab listening party. With Brad of Bradleysalmanac.com.

5/22/08: Word, Brooklyn NY. 33 1/3 event moderated by Jenny Eliscu, with Amanda Petrusich and Matthew Stearns. Read from “Double Nickels.”

2/28/2008. Northeastern University, Boston MA. Lecture titled “The Social History of Punk Rock.”

10/26/2007: Ralph’s, Worcester MA. W/Pillowman, Sandra Storm, Hannaford and the Heartstoppers.

9/29/2007: WMUA, Amherst MA. Appeared on “End of Radio” with Rich Ladew. Listen here.

9/25/2007: Great Scott, Allston MA. With Campaign For Real-Time. Read from "Double Nickels."

8/1/2007: Brookline Booksmith, Brookline MA. Read from “Double Nickels.”

7/23/2007: Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation, Northwood NH. Read from “Double Nickels.”

7/18/2007: Telephone interview with Jon Solomon on WPRB, Princeton NJ. Listen here.

7/14/2007: Third Place Books, Seattle WA. Read from “Double Nickels.”

7/13/2007. Orca Books, Olympia WA.  Read from “Double Nickels.”

7/11/2007: Bird and Beckett, San Francisco CA. Read from “Double Nickels.”

6/23/2007: Atomic Books, Baltimore MD. Read from “Double Nickels.”

6/21/2007: Robin’s, Philadelphia PA. Read from “Double Nickels.”

6/20/2007: Bar Matchless, Brooklyn NY. W/Mike Ushinski and Jeff Samanen. Read from “Double Nickels.”

6/3/2007: Borders, Concord NH. Read from “Double Nickels.”

4/2/2007: WZBC, Boston MA. Appeared on “Kraft-o-matic Bed Of Nails” with Jon Straub. Later rebroadcast on ‘The Watt From Pedro Show here.

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